Mobile Application 

eMesr is an innovative mobile application that aims to improve the social platform and the way we interact with each other via SMS, by offering a set of features that can be helpful in everyday life.

Types Of Ads



Over 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month. We’re willing to bet the majority of those people don’t know your company exists. Targeted towards the very top of the sales funnel, awareness ads build top-of-mind awareness and interest in your product or service. These discovery ads are perfect for you to tell your company story and connect with new prospective customers.

The awareness ads available to you include:

  • Brand Awareness – Encourage discovery of your brand
  • Local Awareness – Encourage discovery of your local business (limited targeting options, targets based on proximity to business)
  • Reach – Show your ad to the maximum amount of people possible (limited availability)


Get people to start thinking about your business, product, or service, and look for more information about it. The consideration ad type is targeted towards the top-middle of the sales funnel.  Consideration ads are great for most of your on-site (and in-app) content, including blog posts, coupons, video testimonials and how-tos, and email newsletters.

Types of consideration ads include:

  • Traffic to your website – Send people to a page on your website
  • Engagement – Drive engagement with your company
    • Page Likes – Increase Facebook page likes
    • Post Engagement – Increase engagement with a specific post
    • Offer Claims – Get people to claim an offer
    • Event Responses – Get people to attend an event
  • App Installs – Generate app installs
  • Video Views – Generate views on a video
  • Lead Generation – Acquire new leads via a lead form Facebook users can fill out right on the platform
  • Messenger Ads – Send people advertisements right into their Facebook Messenger account.


Conversion Facebook ads encourage people to carry out a specific action or purchase your product or service. I.E., conversion ads’ main goal is to convert users. They’re targeted towards the very bottom of the funnel and are aimed at directly increasing your bottom line. Conversion ads are the easiest to measure results, but also tend to cost much more than the other ad types. A few examples of conversion ads include sending users directly to a contact or product check-out page, sending people to your store, or complete event registration fill-outs.

Types of conversion Facebook ads include:

  • Conversions – Drive an action on your website
  • Product Catalog Sales – Drive product sales
  • Store Visits (Limited Availability) – Drive foot traffic to a store

Social Platforms

 Targeting is more powerful than quantity… Here at eMesr, we achieve your goals in leading your Facebook page by defining your target audience and focusing on content.

To design a final piece of art .. We also compare your current situation with comprehensive reports (reports of competitors – reports of funded campaigns – reports target category) .

Sometimes we can not see the whole picture… Insatgram is the most used application on a daily basis .. And your presence in this platform increases the chances of your participation by a large percentage We at eMesr take care of all the details of advertising in this platform through the optimal use of smart content Which increases the chances of potential customers
LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, foster business relationships and partnerships, share content, and drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn is an integral part of many successful business’ marketing strategies today because of how effective it can be in expanding professional networks.
Twitter is a great place to promote your blog posts, product updates, public press releases, and more. By including links in your Tweets to your website pages and landing pages, you can increase traffic leads traffic right to the doorstep of your website.
Considering 75% of Snapchat users engage with AR every day, creating a sponsored lens that reflects your brand can be an effective way of using Snapchat for marketing. AR lenses are made using the free software Lens Studio. In fact, 20% of Snaps use a lens created by brands or other content creators in Lens Studio.

We do Manage All your Platforms & your main Campgains through our team who works with the most powerful & efficitve Tools and Methods to Grow your Brand

& this is how we Manage your Campgains

Content writing

Content Writers search the audience so they can design effective content for them. They try to simplify that audience to find the content they need

By the knowing we have about the client  and defining the objectives of the content, the content becomes a spark that ignites the fire and increases your potential customers.

Graphic Design

eMesr designers are specialized in designing images professionally enabling them to create a creative art painting using graphic design tools that turn in the hands of the designer to the feather drawing distinguish his piece of art

Video & motion Graphic

Video imaging refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media and even streaming media. The term includes video production and post-production methods. Including digital animation (such as Flash), games, web streaming, video notation, slide shows, spatial imaging, medical imaging, and in general the production of most raster images and vector-based assets>


The eMesr team communicates with customers in a professional and distinct way that is done through gaining trust, quick response and brand loyalty. The way to modify all platforms at once is really simple, it comes down to how you communicate with your customers and push them to cast your artwork

Messaging & notifiers :
This typically involves using email to send ads, business requests, sales requests or donations, and is intended to build loyalty, trust, or, in a broader sense, every email sent to an existing or potential customer can be considered an email marketing. Usually includes the use of email to send advertisements, business requests, sales requests or donations, and is intended to build loyalty, trust or brand awareness.
An SMS campaign is a form of marketing that allows you to interact with your customers via text messages .
Although WhatsApp is a great platform for your business, but there are some limitations that are accompanied. But we run the entire marketing campaign from scratch
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