eMesr is where the magic really happens. Bringing our ideas and designs to life using the latest technologies to deliver you a user focused, simplistic experience. Whether that be a full website development, a campaign landing page, an internal piece of software or an eMarketing tool.


eMesr likes to remove the jargon and go back to basics; what are your objectives, what does your user want and need and how do we make that happen? Every new piece of development starts with a discovery phase, this helps us to get under the skin of you and your customers, focusing on what’s really important. It’s all in the planning!

"We appreciate that commissioning a new piece of development can often be a weighty investment, that’s why we like to remove the jargon and focus on your objectives from day one. Whether you require a new website, additional functionality, a refresh, or creation of an intranet, CRM system or app, we have the technical skills to scope your requirements and deliver!

We’ll start any new project by listening to you. What’s the purpose of this new project? How does it fit with your wider marketing strategy and digital landscape? What challenges have you faced in the past? How are your users interacting with your platform currently, are they using a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop? Why aren’t they getting in touch? We’ll leave no stone unturned as the success of any piece of development is in the scoping and planning. We call this our discovery phase and it’s exactly that, we discover everything we need to know before writing a line of code.

Being the control freaks that we are, the processes don’t stop there! Once the discovery phase is complete, we’ll move onto the design, development and testing phases. Depending on the size of the project, budgets and timescales, these processes may follow a linear approach. If time is of the essence we may choose to adopt an agile approach. This will enable us to deliver bite-sized pieces of the project for review and approval before scoping and implementing the next piece.

Choosing the right platform
During the discovery phase we’ll ensure we’re using the right platform for you, your business and all stakeholders. Here at The Hideout we like to make your life easy which is why we’ve developed a widget framework on both WordPress and Umbraco. Our widget systems give you complete control and flexibility for the future allowing you to create new pages, whole new sections of a site, or adapt existing pages with the click, or drag and drop of a button. If selling online is your thing, that’s no problem either. Both of our CMS’s allow for eCommerce integration, whether that be using WooCommerce as a base or a bespoke solution. Our team are fully on board from delivering a small brochureware site to a fully functioning online store and everything in between.

With mobile traffic overtaking desktop in many instances, mobile is always one of our early considerations. Back to that discovery phase again – here we’ll review your analytics and decide on the best approach for you and your users whether that be a fully responsive site, or a stripped back mobile experience for people on the go. Either way, we’ll have mobile covered for you!


Email marketing is the most effective online channel for marketers (Source: Smart Insights). With easy to use templates and big brother style analytics, we think our system is one of the best out there!

eMesr system, Broadcast, a white label of Campaign Monitor makes email marketing even more fruitful with branded templates, list management and analytics to help make your job a little easier."

Our templates are fully responsive and made using widgets that make it really simple to put together a complete campaign. So what’s a widget? Well, these little gems are the building blocks of your emailer. Simply select the one you want to use with the click of a button, edit the content and hey presto, your campaign is ready to send! Our templates provide you with a bucket load of different widgets from various story types, to quick links and adverts, you should have everything you need to create the perfect campaign – and the best bit, once you have the template, you can keep re-using it as many times as you like.

Sometimes, the hardest part to creating a successful campaign is getting the right audience. A Broadcast sign-up widget can be embedded into your existing website, and all the addresses will be saved straight to your account. Already got a list? Existing data can be imported from a spreadsheet or manually entered, whilst simple segmentation and social media sharing tools can help grow your audience and make more targeted campaigns.

The analytics and reports allow you see where people are clicking, when they’re opening it and how long they’re spending reading your campaigns. Combined with the ability to carry out A-B testing you can ensure you’re getting the very best results. Our favourite feature is the world view, where you can see people opening your communications live!

Need us to help populate a campaign or manage your entire communications plan? No problem. We’ll discuss your requirements and then you can let us do the rest for you.

Social Media

How many followers have you got? Am I taking too many selfies? Should I be taking pictures of cats? All normal questions when talking about social media, but we can go deeper than that.


How are you engaging with your customers? Is your voice being heard? Are you even using the right channels for your target market? We’ll help you with all that and more."

Our team can support you as much or as little as needed in the development of your social media. We can help with your strategy independently, or as part of your overall marketing plan, help you create a consistent tone of voice, targeted campaigns, through to full management of your social channels and reporting.

We always encourage you to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to social media, that’s where our workshops and training come in. Let us help you in the right direction and with some careful planning and support along the way you’ll be able to build your own audience, increase engagement and be confident in the fact you’re making best use of all of your content.


Would you open a shop without a front door? Then why launch a new website without considering how customers will find you? When planning a new website or even updating your existing site, search marketing should be an early consideration, after all, why invest in a new site if your audience can’t find it?


We will always encourage you to budget for an element of search marketing when working on your website. Whether that be a full migration strategy and implementation, SEO, PPC, social media or a combination of all. Working alongside our trusted partners we will create a bespoke package tailored just for you and your short and long-term objectives. We cut out the jargon and work with you to reach your targets whether that be increased visitors to your site, or promotion of a new service or product, through to increased inbound enquiries or online sales."

The beauty of digital marketing is that everything is trackable. This allows us to adapt the strategy in pretty much real time, ensuring best use of your budget and increased conversions. We’ll report stats and figures to you on either a weekly or monthly basis, and be here to support you as needed.

of users never scroll past the first page of search results"


We love our customers, we’re not here to build you a website and say goodbye. Our client retention speaks for itself with many customers being with us for over a decade.


We value you, many of you have been with us for years and we’re proud of the work we’ve created together. That’s why we have a dedicated support team who are on hand to help you beyond launch day. Our team are here to ensure your website is working for you, it’s kept up-to-date with new advances in technology, and there’s a friendly voice at the end of the phone when you just can’t remember how to add that widget or image to the page."

We have a variety of support and maintenance packages that will give you complete peace of mind.

Our support services go beyond just the support team. Your Account Manager will continue to keep in touch with you whether we’re working on a live project for you or not. We value regular catch ups with all of our customers to keep you updated, answer any questions you may have or just have a chat over coffee (and slice of cake!). We want to be an extension of your team, not just your agency!"


Your website has to live somewhere. We can offer various solutions to give you peace of mind in keeping your website visible at all times. We provide a range of options to cater for all organisations’ requirements, all of which have the ability to grow with your business.

Our shared hosting service provides an economical solution, hosting your website alongside other websites, providing reliability and stability for your site. Our bespoke package includes dedicated hosting, where your website would be hosted within its own server. Paired with our support packages, we can provide a tailored solution to include software updates and security patches.

To go alongside your hosting and support package, we can also provide full monitoring of your site and dual location backups to give you complete confidence that your site will always be online.