So you’ve got your brand and website. What’s next? Time to create lots of engaging content. Whether it’s video, photography, graphics or blogging, we’ve got it covered!


A picture speaks a thousand words. Having a library of great photography is a key tool in your brand pack. We carry out studio or location photography, all including art direction and post production services.

Getting the right shot can be integral to any on or offline campaign. Whether you’re selling products or telling a story through imagery the shots need to be consistent with your messaging and more importantly, consistent with your brand style. Our photographers all come from a design background which is crucial for direction of the shot and consideration for its end use."

As well as offering bespoke photography, we can also source suitable stock imagery for you, either rights managed or royalty free to suit your budget and needs.

More views with a relevant image than without"


Video is the future of content marketing, the stats don’t lie! With over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day and an estimation by Cisco that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, video has never been so important!"

At The Hideout we’ve been well ahead of the game, producing video content for over a decade. Its usage may have changed but the principals still remain the same. Whether it’s a full showreel you require for your website, short snippets for social media, talking head interviews or user guides, we can be your Spielberg.

Bringing products and brands to life, videos play a major part in driving consumer confidence. In-fact incorporating video into your website can increase visits by as much as 55%.

We’ll work with you from the very creation of a concept, carrying out a site recce to be fully prepared, through to storyboarding, building an itinerary for the shot or writing your scripts for you. We can even fly a drone to get full exposure of your premises or that long, overhead footage that’s needed.

Billion videos are watched on YouTube every day"


Defining your brand’s voice. Setting the right tone for your company and how to ensure it’s consistent. Whether you need help establishing a framework, or need us to work with you as part of an ongoing retainer, we’re here to support you.

Often forgotten copywriting is a major player when it comes to brand. Think of the biggest brands out there, we bet you could describe their tone without thinking about it – Innocent, Google, Nike. It’s part of everything they stand for. Yours should be no different.

Your first step to writing great content is establishing some rules (yes that word again!). Don’t worry though, we can help you with that. We’ll eek out of you how your brand should sound, complimenting your visual identity and the very ethos of the business. We’ll create a set of guidelines for you, steps to follow when producing a new piece of content and examples of words and sentence that are on brand!

If resource is tight and you need a little further assistance we can help to create content for ad-hoc projects, or work with you on your full marketing programme as part of an on-going retainer. Let us take away some of the pressure and lighten the load.

People don't always remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel"


Making your stats and key information really stand out!

Many people take in information quicker via image. The phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ comes to mind. Infographics are a great way to display complicated and sometimes boring content or data in an easy and more interesting way. They can add valuable context to existing stories by using visuals to show relationships in data. Sometimes copy on its own does not give us the immediate clarity a reader needs.

We can help you create interesting and illustrative infographics to compliment any marketing material.

Infographics are liked & shared socially more than any other content"


Pencil, pens, paint or crayons. The power of illustrations and visuals within a content marketing strategy shouldn’t be underestimated.

Our team are fully adept at creating bespoke illustrations, graphics or visuals for your brand to help tell a story, emphasise a message or encourage engagement. Incorporating your company’s aesthetics through your printed materials and digital platforms is a great way to take brand awareness to the next level. Bespoke visuals can really make you stand out from the crowd and make your message a memorable one."

of marketers say illustrative content is more effective than text-only"