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We realize that success depends on having the right people in the right jobs at the right time. The best businesses make sure they’re clear not only on how their people perform, but also on their potential, unique traits and what motivates and drives them. That is why we have designed our assessment approach to measure both the Potential and Competency of individuals in order to establish an objective, reliable and complete view of the true capacity of the organization’s workforce. This way you can make informative decisions that allow your workforce to be both successful and satisfied at their jobs.

Our Approach

Leveraging our robust research and two decades of practical experience working with multinationals in diverse industries, we established a unique and high impact process for assessing employees that provides not a partial view, but a holistic insight into the make-up of a person in terms of personality traits, career motivators, competencies and experience. We provide our clients with a catalogue of each individual potential and competency profile, allowing them to create the “best fit” match between their employee’s profiles with the job role success requirements. We offer a comprehensive suite of highly valid and reliable assessment tools backed by rigorous research and testing and designed to enhance our client’s talent selection, promotion, development and succession management processes.

With Assentiall Assessment tools, you will more accurately identify your employee’s

Potential identify who have the potential to take on more complex roles and prepare them for leadership positions.  Performance identify the strengths and weakness points of your existing talent pool and establish a extensive and effective development track that will boost organizational performance.  Best-fit create a long-term career plan based on our detailed potential profile description enabling you to easily find the perfect match for each vacancy. Development needs establish a development track that caters to the individual development needs of each employee using our assessment insights into areas of strength and improvement for each person.


Eliminate The Guesswork We provide realistic evidence-based data about your employees’ qualities that will maximize the precision and impact of your decisions. Guaranteed Objectivity We follow a meticulous assessment process that incorporates multiple assessment tools and assessors in order to ensure the highest level of objectivity. Maximize Efficiency The comprehensiveness validity and reliability of our results, tools, and reports drastically decrease the chances of redundancy. Validity & Reliability All of our assessment tools are built on enduring psychological theories backed up by decades of research, testing and rendering the results highly valid and reliable. Customizability Our assessment portfolio comprises a wide variety of assessments that are customizable according to different needs: job level, purpose of use, job function/organization’s industry, and type of assessments.